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1/2 is your fingerprint, 1/2 is theirs (salt clay paint) Salt Dough - 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, cold water. Mix until has consistency of play dough. bake at 250 for 2 hours, then cool and paint….good recipe for thumbprint pendants

i really wanna do this.

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An efficient fuck-ton of human hair references

[AND GO TO THIS WEBSITE if you want creative hair styles (pretty much just feminine hairstyles, but they’re fucking creative, nonetheless [they get better toward the end..]).

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All three of them together

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I couldn’t resist making a couple of fictional cephalopods… but then I made too many so it’s time for a giveaway! The winner will receive a glorious omanyte necklace! (There is a limited amount of them available HERE.)

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  • Reblog to enter
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  • All hail the helix fossil
  • Giveaway ends in ONE week (March 6th 11:59 pm PST)

Good luck!


What else could a girl want besides a magenta mohawk?

 I said,
blatantly out loud but casually to you,
that no one had seen interest in me
in the past two years
and you just gave me
that fucking look.

As if you were fucking aghast I’d actually said it
As if I were blind to something about myself
As if I had to be an idiot to think I could be unnoticed
And I thought about that look
For the rest of the day.
I thought maybe
You thought higher of me
Than I thought you did
Because I looked down on myself.
I thought about how
Despite what you may or may not think
That I really have gone unnoticed
Or at least, unwanted.
I’m not picky; I wasn’t given much of a choice.
The people that notice me
Are the ones that gawk
And say crude names and  comments
And actually believe their cat calls are compliments.
The fucking nerve some boys have.
Or the jerks and the jokers
That playfully flirt with me
Because it’s just a game to them.
And I play along, too
Trying to push away the thought
That they pull this off so easily
Because it’s just so easy
To see me as a joke.
I’m a giant.
I look over those I might admire
And watch them cringe and turn
From my height or size
Because I am not cute;
I am not feminine;
I’m simply intimidating at best.
I can try to put on lipstick
Or dress in pink,
Or drown my cheeks
In so much blush
But I can’t change the way
Anyone will see me.
I can’t hide this part of me
Because it is all of me.
I’m so insecure
Over the size of myself
And I pretend to inflate my ego
And hold a sarcastic tone
And sometimes, even, attempt confidence in my stride
But I am what I am
And I’m just
Too much
To be wanted.
Maybe I want you
Because you’re bigger than me
And maybe you could see me
As something smaller.
But even if that’s a strong reason,
It shouldn’t be.
I’ve been trying so hard
No to give in to
The weaker parts of myself
And fight the urge
To curl into an invisible ball
That I can never become.
But it’s hard
What I am
And what
Of that.




Know your place!

A guide for anyone who wants to write about royals.

Always reblog Noble Hierarchy.

Also, female equivalents:



Grand Duchess

Grand Princess










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I want a ninja star treat

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Wow. I love the contrast between the sky and what’s in the rear view mirror

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For asexuals, sex is like… a donut. When we see a donut, we do not have the urge to eat the donut. This does not necessarily mean we hate the donut, or think the donut is disgusting— many of us even like donuts. But we never have any urge to walk over there and eat it. Demisexuals will have the urge to eat the donut only if it their absolute favorite kind of donut in the whole world, and greysexuals sometimes will have the urge to get the donut, and sometimes not. Celibates are on diets.
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The giant list of asexuality and aromantic links has been updated! You can find the permanent version here and the rebloggable version here. As always, if you know other aromantic or asexual tumblrs, sites or other useful links that aren’t on the list, let me know and I’ll be sure to add them!




Friendly reminder that demisexuality’s definition doesn’t mean that demisexuals have to experience romantic connection, just an emotional attachment/connection/etc.

Demisexuals do have the ability to have multiple partners/casual sex/ect with it still fitting…

Casual sex doesn’t mean having sex with someone you just met, buy there are people who can form quick emotional bands/connections/attachments to. Not many, but I know I’ve done it in the past.

Casual sex can be with a friend who you have an emotional connection/bond/attachment to, also.

I also know many demis who can’t have casual sex, I’m just saying that demisexuals can have casual sex and still be demisexual.

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